Unified Simulator Control Software
Facilitate, Monitor, and Review
Powerfully Intuitive
UNI is the intuitive and easy to use interface that brings simulation learning experiences to life. Included with each high fidelity simulator, UNI controls the patient simulator’s physiology, monitors the participants’ actions, and supports data-rich debriefing. UNI’s powerful platform helps you create realistic learning experiences for participants of all levels.
Developed to make running simulations
quick and hassle-free.
Optimized to drive simulation
on-the-fly or via pre-programmed
Powerful sensors log participants'
interventions to ensure that you
never miss a learning opportunity.
Detailed event logs enable
comprehensive reviewing and
debriefing of learning events.
Set a New Standard for High-quality Training
in your Healthcare Program with UNI®
and Ready to Use
Quickly and easily incorporate simulation into your programs. UNI comes preconfigured on a tablet PC and includes a library of modifiable, prebuilt scenarios to save you time and development resources.
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Gaumard Products Powered by UNI®
Complete Physiological Control
Simulate Over 30 Different Vitals
Control more than 30 vital signs to demonstrate a variety patient presentations realistically
Scenario Designer
Create scenarios tailored to your learning objectives and offer participants a wide range of standardized, repeatable learning events.
Wireless Control
UNI is optimized for wireless and tetherless technology to help you create a fully immersive environment.
Speech 1
Select from a library of prerecorded speech items or be the voice of the patient with wireless streaming audio.
Myocardial Infarction Designer 2
Illustrate heart damage due to myocardial infarctions that can be detected by a real ECG monitor. An interactive model of the heart allows you to create the occlusion point and customize the age of the infarction.
ECG Designer 3
Select from a library of ECG rhythms and adjust waves to create complex rhythms that accommodate your learning objectives. Display your custom rhythms using real ECG monitors or print to share with participants.
Labor and Delivery 4
Create high and low-risk labor scenarios by customizing the baby’s descent and presentation
Fetal Monitoring 5
Generate and control contraction frequency, intensity, and duration to allow participants to assess the well-being of the fetus.
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Reporting and Evaluating
Monitor rate and depth of compressions, no-flow time, ventilation rate, and excessive ventilation. Generate performance reports to evaluate the participant's progress over time.
Time-Stamped Event Recording and Reporting
Vital sign changes and interventions are automatically recorded to ensure that important events are always captured.
Provider Action Tracker
The interactive Provider Actions feature lets you carefully track individual or team actions to generate a more detailed and comprehensive post-simulation log.
Interactive Questionnaire Form Designer
Easily create interactive checklists to track participants' progress to ensure that learning objectives are met.
Additional Features
3D Patient Visualization Monitor
This real-time 3D view of the patient ensures you never lose track of provider-patient interactions during the simulation. Incorporate the optional Virtual Bedside Monitor to help students learn vital sign documentation and monitoring.
Lab Reports
Create, print, and share simulated diagnostic lab results to increase participant immersion and involvement.
File Sharing
Easily share files and lab reports with the Gaumard Virtual Monitor to enhance the development of clinical reasoning and decision-making skills.
Virtual Patient Monitor 6
Incorporate the optional Virtual Patient Monitor to help students learn vital sign documentation and monitoring.

1. Speech is only available for pediatric and adult simulators. Neonates can cry and grunt.
2. The Myocardial Infarction Designer feature comes standard in HAL® S3201 and S1020. It is offered as anoptional feature for adult HAL® simulators: S1000, S3000, S3040.100, and S3040.50.
3. The ECG Designer feature comes standard in HAL® S3201 and S1020. It is offered as an optional feature for adult HAL® simulators: S1000, S3000, S3040.100, and S3040.50.
4. Labor and delivery features are only available for obstetric simulators.
5. Fetal Monitoring is only available for obstetric simulators and is a virtual feature for NOELLE® simulators: S554.100 and S574, and S574.100.
6. The Virtual Patient Monitor is included with the purchase of select obstetric simulators and is available as an option for the high-fidelity neonatal, pediatric and adult simulators
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