Gaumard Ultrasound
Emergency ultrasound simulation training
made immersive
Gaumard Ultrasound™ is a high-fidelity, portable ultrasound simulator specifically designed to immerse learners in realistic scenario-based exercises and aid the development of clinical skills transferable to the real world.
True-to-life ultrasound imaging.
Gaumard Ultrasound simulates the function, look, and feel of a real, portable ultrasound machine. Transducer range of motion is natural, and imaging is true to life.
Unmatched scenario realism.
Together with Pediatric HAL® S2225, Gaumard Ultrasound offers learners simulation experiences never before possible. Go beyond the skills lab and prepare learners for the real world through immersive, simulated patient encounters.
Comprehensive scenario content.
The new Pediatric Emergency POCUS/eFAST module provides you with the scenario content to simplify curriculum integration and optimize training opportunities for participants of all levels.
Gaumard Ultrasound
Watch the unveiling and demo of our newest simulation training solution presented at the IMSH Delivers 2021 Learning Lab event.
Introducing Gaumard Ultrasound Immersive Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound Training with Pediatric HAL® S2225.
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