The future of labor and delivery simulation is here.
Learners view holograms on VICTORIA birthing simulator via the Obstetric MR during a labor scenario.
Obstetric MR™ is a next-generation mixed reality training solution for VICTORIA® S2200 designed to help learners bridge the gap between theory and practice faster than ever before. Using the latest technology in holographic visualization, Obstetric MR brings digital learning content into the physical simulation exercise, allowing participants to link knowledge and skill through an entirely new hands-on training experience. The future of labor and delivery simulation is here.
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Bridging the gap between theory and practice.
By synchronizing holograms with the physical world, Obstetric MR allows learners to see inside VICTORIA and observe the dynamic physiology underlying difficult deliveries to promote deeper learning. Wireless connectivity supports up to 6 participants, with each observing their unique vantage point.
Seamless and powerful scenario integration.
Obstetric MR adds a new layer of learning to normal vaginal birth, shoulder dystocia, and breech scenarios. It integrates seamlessly with VICTORIA’s new Simulation Learning Experiences childbirth scenarios as well as your custom scenarios and on-the-fly operation.
Observe clinical intervention in
Obstetric MR, VICTORIA’s internal network of sensors, and the powerful UNI® control software work together to provide learners with real-time visual feedback. Learners can study the rotation of the pelvis and the fetal shoulder during McRoberts and suprapubic pressure maneuvers as they perform them. It is an entirely new way to observe and understand clinical cause and effect through hands-on practice.
The control you need
in one place.
Run a scenario, change the Obstetric MR learning mode for all participants, send private messages, and much more right from the UNI software. Obstetric MR controls are integrated into UNI, making operation intuitive and simple.
UNI interface displays the controls for the Obstetric MR System.
The anatomy lab
reimagined in mixed reality.
Obstetric MR features four holographic childbirth demonstrations: normal vaginal delivery, shoulder dystocia, breech, and nuchal cord. Each experience features key learning points learners can study at their own pace. Unlike video and static physical models, holograms can be viewed from any angle, scaled to a life-size, or scaled-down on a desk.
A learner sits at a desk and views a holographic module of a breech delivery in the Obstetric MR system.
Learners view a holographic module of a shoulder dystocia scenario using the Obstetric MR system.
Enhanced debriefing tools.
More opportunities for learning.
Record the learner's point-of-view for playback and debriefing, stream the live feed onto a large screen for the rest of the class to see, or record an educator's demonstration for remote learning. HoloLens 2 features built-in HD cameras that allow you to leverage audio/video recording in multiple ways to maximize training.
An instructor debriefs a birthing scenario using footage captured via the Obstetric MR system.
Hello, meet your patient
for today’s exercise.
Obstetric MR’s Tour Mode is designed to help learners and staff familiarize themselves with VICTORIA’s anatomical and physiological features before the start of a scenario. Tour Mode is simple to use and can be set up anywhere.
Learners view a holographic tour of the VICTORIA birthing patient simulator in the Obstetric MR system.
Upgrade your VICTORIA® S2200
with Obstetric MR, today.
Obstetric MR was developed from the ground up for HoloLens 2 and works with all VICTORIA models. There is no complicated hardware setup required. Self-install and configuration are simple.
A learner views a hologram on VICTORIA birthing simulator via the Obstetric MR during a shoulder dystocia scenario.
Obstetric MR
Mixed Reality System for VICTORIA® S2200
Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset.
Package includes HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset computer preloaded with Obstetric MR, Obstetric MR participant user license, and accessories.

Obstetric MR is not intended to replace a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter required to support clinical decision-making in real-life situations. Additional terms and conditions apply. Images on this page are for illustration purposes only. Hardware and graphics may differ from the images shown. The Obstetric MR app is compatible with HoloLens 2. HoloLens 2 is not available in all countries. HoloLens 2 wireless streaming features require a Microsoft HDMI wireless receiver or compatible Smart TV. All trademarks and/or copyright materials are the property of their respective owners. HOLOLENS is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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