Gaumard Vitals
Virtual Patient Monitor Software
The Gaumard Vitals virtual vital signs monitor software simulates the functionality and look of a real patient monitor. This highly customizable software is designed for use in a simulated environment, allowing participants to practice data interpretation, documentation, configuration, and much more.

Gaumard Vitals™ PC Minimum Requirements:
Windows 10, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM.
Microsoft Surface Pro tablet running Gaumard Vitals virtual monitor software.
Wireless tablet PC running UNI control software.
Unified Simulator Control Software
UNI is the control software that powers all advanced Gaumard patient simulators. Easily adjust vitals on-the-fly, automate scenarios, track participants’ actions, export data for debriefing, and much more.
UNI® 3 for HAL® S5301
Unified Simulator Control Software
UNI 3 is our most powerful and intuitive patient simulator control software ever. Manage vitals, track performance, and debrief with faster and more capable tools designed to help you drive even the most complex scenarios with ease.
Wireless tablet PC running UNI 3 control software.
Handheld tablet running the OMNI2 control software providing real-time feedback on a CPR session.
Controlling, Monitoring, and Debriefing
OMNI 2 offers specialized tools to help you meet training objectives across multiple clinical areas, whether you are refining clinical skills or driving scenario-based training exercises.
Video-Assisted Debriefing Made Easy
The innovative video recording and playback platform designed to maximize learning through video-assisted debriefing.
Wireless tablet PC running Care in Motion audio video recording software.
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Gaumard Simulators
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