Controlling, Monitoring, and Debriefing
VERSION 2.19.0
OMNI® 2 offers specialized tools to help you meet training objectives across multiple clinical areas. Whether you are refining clinical skills or driving scenario-based training exercises, OMNI® 2 gives you the control and feedback you need to train efficiently and effectively.
How to download the update for your Gaumard OMNI® 2 device
  1. Get the File: Click the button below to download the file. Save it to your Desktop or Downloads folder.
  2. Connect: Connect your OMNI® 2 to a computer via a USB port.
  3. Transfer: Open Windows File Explorer, find your OMNI® 2, and look for the 'Download' folder. Drag the downloaded file into this folder.
  4. Unplug: Disconnect your OMNI® 2 from the computer.
  5. Install: On your OMNI® 2, open 'My Files', then 'Internal Storage', then 'Download'. Tap on the OMNI.apk file to complete the installation.
System requirements: Compatible with Gaumard OMNI® 2 tablets only.
Gaumard Vitals™
Virtual Patient Monitor Software
A highly customizable and realistic patient monitor simulation software. Compatible with UNI® and OMNI® 2.
Gaumard Vitals
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