Care In Motion
CARE IN MOTION™ is an innovative video recording and playback platform designed to maximize learning through video-assisted debriefing. Developed with a focus on usability, functionality, and reliability, Care In Motion finally makes recording and debriefing simple so you can focus on what's important—achieving better outcomes.
  • Preconfigured and ready for use out of the box
  • Intuitive touch-optimized user interface
  • Responsive web-based interface
  • Record multiple, high definition video and audio streams simultaneously
  • State-of-the-art video compression technology stores hundreds of hours of footage with virtually no loss in visual quality
  • Add quick notes (flags) during live recording with a single touch
  • Legacy support for high-definition cameras
  • Capture Gaumard Vital Signs Monitor video feed in real-time
  • Customizable user account control
  • Start/stop recording from UNI®
  • Smart data capture automatically parses log event information for reviewing
  • Preconfigured with wireless encryption to keep video feeds secure
  • Automatic synchronization of UNI event log data with video capture
  • Event flags can be customized to your debriefing style
  • Supports wireless capture via mobile phones and tablets via IP camera software
Playback and Review
  • Isolate audio channels as needed
  • Review session video directly on the device or remotely via web interface
  • Easily jump to key events in the recording by clicking the time-stamped event entry
  • Export session video with annotations for storage and/or playback on other devices
  • Physiological data time line
  • Search debriefing session library by session name, simulator type, room, date, and more
  • Session files are stored securely via user account access control
  • Supports video output to large screen TVs and projectors
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Quick and Easy Setup
Preconfigured and ready for use right out of the box. Simply position the wireless cameras and tap on the interface to record.
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Wireless Audio and
Video Recording
Optimized for high-quality, wireless audio and video recording in-situ or in transit.
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Playback and Debrief
Playback sessions right on the device or remotely through secure access. Easily browse and replay key learning opportunities for exploration, discussion, and reflection.
Power On, Tap, and Record. That Easy.
Care In Motion is simple to use and comes preconfigured with everything you need to facilitate recording and reviewing in nearly every environment – even in transit. No technical know-how required.
Care In Motion features an intuitive user interface that makes adding annotations during and after the session, quick and easy. You can also edit and customize notations to facilitate enriched video-assisted reviewing and debriefing.
Wireless Solutions Optimized for Your Dynamic Learning Environment
Care In Motion offers you freedom. Freedom to record learning sessions wirelessly, in high-def audio and video, without the costs associated with permanent infrastructure installations. Finally, the budget-friendly system is here.
Go from Setup to Recording in Seconds.
From the point of injury through transport and beyond, wireless connectivity lets you capture every angle without interruption. Battery powered components mean no power cables, no wires, and less hassle.
Versatile and Scalable.
Easily add more cameras anytime, including your own. Legacy support for a comprehensive selection of high-def cameras lets you make use of existing devices if needed.
Service and Support.
Get the service and support you need when you need it. Gaumard offers you free phone support and software updates for the life of the product.
Video-Assisted Debriefing Made Easy
Recorded sessions are available for immediate playback, and powerful tools such as smart filters let you quickly and easily return to key learning points for exploration, discussion, and reflection.
Ultra-Mobile System Package
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